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he BWH Emergency Medicine Research provides research services to the department’s research faculty, collaborators on federally funded investigations, and industrial sponsors performing clinical trials. That most admitted patients enter Brigham and Women’s Hospital through our emergency department creates opportunities for extensive collaborations with our colleagues across medical specialties. In addition to our work with investigators at other Harvard teaching hospitals, we have independent and international collaborations in place. These successful research relationships build on our exceptional ability to identify, screen, recruit, and enroll research participants the moment they present to the healthcare facility.

Our research program is home to many ongoing research projects sponsored by federal, foundation, and industry grants and contracts. We have a state-of-the-art clinical research laboratory equipped with five work stations, minus 80 degree freezers, refrigerators, refrigerated centrifuge, and extensive filing and data management capability. Our biggest strength is being located inside our emergency department; this allows us to conduct research screening and administrative research procedures in privacy while allowing us immediate access to our incoming patients and clinicians.

We also have a 2000 square foot research floor in our hospital’s Thorn building; this space includes close to 20 workstations and extensive storage and secure data storage space. Most importantly, this will be a space cohabited by our department’s brightest researchers and the mixing of ideas will certainly create more exciting research ventures. This facility is also complemented by a wet-lab section for the preparation and storage of biological specimens.


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