Our Services

Data Service and management

We can assist you in electronic data capture design, development, and maintenance. Our staff has significant proficiency in REDCap, LabArchives, and Veeva Site Vault to protect sensitive participant information and organize data. We perform data entry, redaction, validation, and monitoring for all of our studies.

Regulatory filing & management

We can assist you with regulatory affairs and study design in alignment with site and sponsor regulations, and your research goals.

Qualified Bilingual Staff

We can assist you in the recruitment and enrollment of participants regardless of language. We have multiple qualified bilingual staff on our team allowing us to recruit and enroll Spanish-speaking participants. We work closely with BWH Interpreter services to recruit and enroll participants speaking other languages.

General Research Coordination

We identify, screen, and recruit study participants through the BWH and BWFH Emergency Departments, and the Mass General Brigham research promotion site, Rally Health. We are also equipped to conduct targeted research promotion via flyers and social media. We conduct chart reviews and follow-up visits and phone calls for research participants.

Safety Review and Reporting

We ensure the safety of all of our participants through constant study monitoring. We conduct study assessment, review, and reporting to ensure the safety of our participants.

Clinical study project management

We provide project management services to the department’s research faculty, collaborators on federally funded investigations, and industrial sponsors performing clinical trials. Our team works on study start-up and design, protocol development, and Mass General Brigham institutional review board submissions.

Our Facilities

Located inside the emergency department at Brigham and Women’s Hospital, our state-of-the-art clinical research laboratory allows us to conduct research screening and administrative research procedures in privacy while allowing us immediate access to our incoming patients and clinicians. The short distance between our office and the emergency department is critical in our ability to recruit and enroll participants for acute and time sensitive studies. This office is equipped with:

  • Five advanced workstations
  • -80°C freezer
  • -20°C freezer
  • 2-8°C refrigerator
  • Centrifuge and sample processing area
  • Extensive filing and data management capability

We also have a 2,000 sq. ft. research floor in our hospital’s George W. Thorn research building; this space includes close to 20 workstations, meeting areas, and extensive storage and secure data storage space. This is a space cohabited by our department’s brightest researchers and the mixing of ideas creates more exciting research ventures. 

In addition to our offices at Brigham and Women’s Hospital, we have touchdown areas at Brigham and Women’s Faulkner Hospital that enable us to screen and recruit participants in the emergency department.

Nearly 65,000 patients are cared for in our BWH Main Campus ED and 33,000 at our Faulkner Emergency Department each year. Our emergency departments are broken down into pods with the care initiation, behavioral health, and ED observation pods being critical areas for our research. 

Our Research Partners

BWH Division of Emergency Critical Care Medicine

We partner with the BWH Division of Emergency Critical Care Medicine to conduct clinical research initiatives. Some of our studies follow patients already enrolled in the emergency department as they are moved to the critical care unit, others recruit patients from the critical care unit directly.

BWH Center for Clinical Investigation (CCI)

The BWH Center for Clinical Investigation assists with a variety of tasks related to our clinical research studies ranging from process samples to initiating outpatient and inpatient follow-up visits for enrolled patients. Our partnership allows us to broaden the range of studies we can enroll patients in through the emergency department and expand our capabilities.

BWH Crimson Core

BWH Crimson Core assists with sample processing.

Quest Diagnostics

Quest Diagnostics assists with sample processing.